– Here comes “Big Brother.”

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On June 8th, Attorney General Merrick Garland rolled out President Biden’s strategy to counter domestic terrorism. It is based on a new report produced by the administration titled, the “National Strategy For Countering Domestic Terrorism” (NSFCDT). According to AG Garland, the number of domestic violence cases have increased significantly, yet offered little in the way of details.

When you study the report, it becomes rather obvious what the administration intends to do. For starters, white supremacists are mentioned twice in the report, the Ku Klux Klan three times, and the January 6th DC protest once. Okay fine, but there was no mention of the riots and destruction caused by Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM). Zero, Zip, Nada. It’s as if they didn’t exist and have nothing to do with the 2020 “Summer of Hate.” Instead, it depicts white Americans as the cause of the country’s problems. Talk about racist. This alone taints the report. It would have had more credibility in the eyes of the country had they added these two parties, but they did not. So, it is natural to assume the report is slanted towards the Democrat ideology, and not for the country overall.

The 32 page report lists the “four pillars” of the president’s agenda, along with strategic goals:

PILLAR ONE – Understand and share domestic terrorism-related information.

Strategic Goal 1.1: Enhance domestic terrorism related research and analysis. Strategic Goal 1.2: Improve information sharing across all levels within, as well as outside, the Federal Government.

Strategic Goal 1.3: Illuminate transnational aspects of domestic terrorism.

Ordinarily, this is performed by the FBI and Homeland Security, “with support from the National Counterterrorism Center and others as appropriate.” This will now be “augmented” to beef up investigations. Translation: grow the government and increase taxes.

PILLAR TWO – Prevent domestic terrorism recruitment and mobilization to violence.

Strategic Goal 2.1: Strengthen domestic terrorism prevention resources and services.
Strategic Goal 2.2: Address online terrorist recruitment and mobilization to violence by domestic terrorists.

This translates into more monitoring of social media and computer games, along with swift censorship.

PILLAR THREE – Disrupt and deter domestic terrorism activity.

Strategic Goal 3.1: Enable appropriate enhanced investigation and prosecution of domestic terrorism crimes. Strategic Goal 3.2: Assess potential legislative reforms.

Strategic Goal 3.3: Ensure that screening and vetting processes consider the full range of terrorism threats.

This represents a much more vigorous prosecution of perceived offenders.

PILLAR FOUR – Confront long-term contributors to domestic terrorism.

As stated in the report, “That means tackling racism in America. It means protecting Americans from gun violence and mass murders. It means ensuring that we provide early intervention and appropriate care for those who pose a danger to themselves or others. It means ensuring that Americans receive the type of civics education that promotes tolerance and respect for all and investing in policies and programs that foster civic engagement and inspire a shared commitment to American democracy, all the while acknowledging when racism and bigotry have meant that the country fell short of living up to its founding principles. It means setting a tone from the highest ranks of government that every American deserves the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness that our Declaration of Independence recognizes as unalienable rights. And it means ensuring that there is simply no governmental tolerance – and instead denunciation and rejection – of violence as an acceptable mode of seeking political or social change.”

If you read this carefully, you conclude the government wants to promote Critical Race Theory (CRT) both in the classroom and workplace (through Human Resource management presumably); gun control legislation is in the offing, thereby threatening the Second Amendment and the NRA; and the government will be spying on Americans, more so than ever. Again, where is Antifa and BLM in all of this? Is it because they represent branches of the Democrat party?

All of this adds up to a “Big Brother” scenario a la George Orwell. It means government will expand to monitor, censor and prosecute our citizens. The government will become more invasive in our lives; every word posted on social media, e-mail and text message will be scrutinized, as will every word and image in the media, blogs and podcasts will be monitored, “fact checked,” and censored. It is truly aimed at political adversaries, not true terrorists.

This program is a genuine threat to the First Amendment, specifically the right of free speech. Think about it, correspondence will be analyzed, news, editorials, music, humor, even pornography. If you are caught, you will be black-listed or serve time, regardless if your postings were prepared innocently. It would be one thing if this was designed to be fair and equitable, but the reality is, it is not.

Make no mistake, our freedom is on the line. Welcome to China.

Keep the Faith!

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