– A dark horse enters the Florida Senate race for GOP nominee.

In the U.S. Senate race in Florida, GOP front-runner Connie Mack believes he has the nomination sewn up. Surprisingly, he doesn’t. A dark horse has entered the race and is breathing fire down his back, namely Marielena Stuart of Naples. Actually, Stuart has been in the race for nine months but is a relative unknown primarily because of Mack’s name recognition and Stuart’s limited campaign budget. Things are changing though, as her grass roots campaign is catching on and Stuart is finally being allowed to speak at events hosted by the GOP establishment where she is faring quite well.

Stuart is an unapologetic conservative whose oratory is forthright and to the point. She makes no bones she is against Socialism and no fan of President Obama. Born in Cuba, she immigrated to the United States at age 11 where her family settled in Los Angeles. As an adult, she moved to the Naples area in 2007. During her speeches, she touts traditional American values, particularly the sanctity of marriage and the family unit. She is well versed in history and possesses an impressive understanding of the various cultures of the world. Frankly, she is not happy with the direction the country has taken in recent years which compelled her to become active in public affairs. Although she has not held office, she has a persuasive personality for arguing her case, be it the dismantling of the Department of Education and EPA, revoking Obamacare, overturning Roe vs Wade, and the dangers of the U.N’s Agenda 21. Her oratory is not just catch phrases either, but compelling arguments which demonstrates she knows what she is talking about. What she describes is nothing less than a cultural and economic crisis caused by socialism creeping into the fabric of our society.

Marielena’s oratory captivates audiences but scares moderates as she speaks forcefully and from the heart. Following the recent Supreme Court decisions regarding Obamacare and Arizona immigration, Stuart is very much in demand for her opinions. Although she was initially avoided, she has recently been invited to speak at GOP events and is creating a head of steam heading into the party primaries in August. Recently, she debated other candidates at the Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee meeting where she won the straw pole in a landslide, thereby forcing former Sen. George LeMieux to bow out of the race. Since then, her audiences are getting larger and political support is growing. So far, Rep. Connie Mack IV, who is also vying for the Republican nomination, has avoided debating her and, instead, concentrating on endorsements from such GOP heavyweights as former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, presumptive Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

Mack’s name recognition is such that he probably believes he does not have to fight for the nomination and instead is already focusing his sights on incumbent Senator Bill Nelson (D). He avoided the Pinellas debate and, so far, has no intention of debating Stuart. This leaves Florida Republicans scratching their heads as they are wondering how Mack would do in a debate with Stuart. Mack likely will take no chance and avoid any such confrontation, preferring the safety of the GOP establishment instead. It’s a pity too, as such a debate between Mack and Stuart would be very informative, particularly between the four-term moderate Congressman and Stuart, the conservative newbie. Avoiding Stuart though is causing Mack to lose points with the party faithful who wonder what he is afraid of, particularly since he is a seasoned Congressman. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll never get to know.

For more information on Marielena Stuart, visit her web site at: http://www.stuart2012.com/


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