– Who is doing the asking, you or the state?

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In the early days of this country, voting was restricted to white male landowners. Of course, this changed over the years, but there is something to be said about having landowners vote as they have a vested interest in the country, but that is another subject for another day.

Historically, voting was done in person, using either paper and pencil or a variety of machines. Over time, it became necessary to create an “absentee ballot” for people who could not vote in person, e.g.; people with physical disabilities, people scheduled to be out of town on voting day, members of the military serving far from home, etc. This provided the means for citizens to fulfill their civic duty.

Here in Florida, we refer to absentee voting as “Vote-by-Mail” but please do not confuse it with Vote-by-Mail programs implemented by other states. Florida’s “Vote-by-Mail” requires a person to first be registered with the state to vote, then requesting a ballot to vote. To register, you will need either your Florida driver’s license or Florida identification card (both include the person’s photo). You will also need the last four digits of your Social Security Number. Once registered, a person can request a ballot from the state either over the Internet, by telephone, in person, or by mail. The request can be for one time or as an on-going basis. This all sounds rather simple, right? It is, but the two key variables here are “registration” and “requesting.”

In other states, mostly western states controlled by Democrats, they are sending “Vote by Mail” ballots to all registered voters, whether they want it or not. Such initiatives are being exercised by Democrat politicians claiming it will help those voters who do not want to catch the COVID-19 virus. The fact such legislation is being implemented strictly along party lines makes one suspect there are other motivational factors involved, such as encouraging Democrats to vote. Using registered voters from Florida as an example, here is what the Democrats are afraid of. In 2016 there were more registered Democrats than Republicans in Florida, yet Mr. Trump won the election here. Why? Simply because more Republicans voted than Democrats. So, their hope is to motivate more Democrats to vote this time than in 2016. As an aside, the same is shaping up for 2020.

As for me, I like the fundamental concept of an absentee ballot, simply because it gives people who want to vote the ability to do so, particularly if they are unable to vote in person. To ask for a ballot means you care and want to stay involved with the electoral process. Having it mailed out without requesting it is highly suspicious, as party officials may pick up ballots and vote on the voter’s behalf. Let’s also imagine if you know someone is missing, deceased, moved, hospitalized, or has no intention of voting, what is to stop them from voting on the person’s behalf? Not much. Then again, this is incredibly illegal and falls under the category of “Voter Fraud.” Moral people would avoid doing this, but what if you are desperate enough to do anything to regain the White House and Congress?

For these reasons, I am opposed to “Vote by Mail” as defined by other states. Frankly, it sounds crooked as Hell. I do not have a problem with normal absentee voting, so long as the person is “registered” and has “requested” the ballot. As to using the COVID-19 excuse to implement such a program, why is it we can go to super markets and stores and not catch the virus? Is it because they know something the Democrats do not? As someone else mentioned to me, “If we can’t trust states to properly count COVID deaths, how can we trust them to count our votes?”

Call me old-fashioned, but I would still prefer only landowners vote as they have a genuine concern for their country.

Keep the Faith!

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