– The fight is not over.

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When Presidents Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush lost their re-election bids, they quietly faded away and became nothing but footnotes in history. They primarily occupied their time by building their presidential libraries. None considered a second run for the presidency. They had had enough. However, the same cannot be said about former President Trump. Building a library is the last thing on his mind. Retaking the White House and cleaning up the Washington Swamp is of paramount importance to him.

Trump came into office as an outsider, and was pushed out of the nation’s capitol through trickery and treachery. He is still a force to be reckoned with and is ready for another fight with the Congressional establishment. Frankly, he is willing to go the distance, even beyond a second term in office. Thank God too, as there is nobody else with the stamina and nerve to take on the Swamp.

Why is Trump still a viable candidate? Simple. Millions of Americans still believe the election was stolen, the Democrats couldn’t pin anything on him in the Mueller Investigation and two fake impeachments, and Trump is a fighter. He has learned a lot from his first administration and will likely do things differently, most notably taking out the Congressional garbage who tried to demonize him, and RINOs who didn’t cooperate with his agenda. Enough is enough.

A recent Suffolk University/USA TODAY Poll indicates Trump voters are also prepared to turn on those politicians who crossed him. According to the poll, 8 in 10 Trump supporters would be less likely to vote for a Republican candidate who supported Trump’s impeachment, as ten did in the House. By a wide 2-1 margin, Trump voters say they want him to run for president again. If he did, 76% would support him for the nomination and 85% would vote for him in a general election. So Trump has the comfort of knowing he has a rather loyal base of followers supporting him. Carter and Bush did not.

There will likely be a backlash to the Democrats running the country. Even though President Biden ran on a platform of “Unity,” in two months he has already alienated a lot of people. So much so, there is a good chance the Republicans will take back the House in 2022. In other words, Iranians shouldn’t get too comfortable with the United States again, Canadians will get the Keystone XL pipeline back, the southern border wall will be completed, illegal immigrants will be stopped at the border, Obama Care will finally be put out of its misery, jobs will return, and the economy will blossom again.

Trump recently unveiled his intentions at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando on February 28th where he gave the keynote address. Prior to the event, there was considerable speculation about what he would say, such as the future of the GOP, the conservative movement, and President Biden’s policy on amnesty and our borders.

Trump came out swinging by making it clear he has no intention of creating a third party which he insisted was fake news. The GOP is his party and he made it clear he would remain in charge.

He went on to challenge President Biden’s first month in office, which Trump claimed was the most disastrous in history. In particular, he challenged Biden’s record on immigration whereby he cancelled immigration rules and triggered a migration of illegals to the United States, thereby making this a “sanctuary nation.”

Trump also warned the CPAC attendees of several other Biden initiatives, such as; challenges to the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms); re-involvement with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Paris Climate Accord; closure of the Keystone XL pipeline; reversal on energy independence which he predicted would rise the price of gasoline to $5-$7 per gallon, and; the damaging effect of transgender sports. He also called on Biden to re-open the schools for the sake of our children.

As to the direction of the Republican Party, Trump noted the GOP was still growing, but he insists, “America comes first.” He outlined three areas to be addressed in order to win in 2024:

1. ELECTION REFORM – he made it clear, “This election was rigged,” which should be a litmus test for the loyalty of all Republicans, particularly those in Congress. He also openly criticized the Supreme Court for not looking into voting irregularities, “The Supreme Court didn’t have the guts or courage to address this.”

As to his recommendations, he suggested we have only one election day (no extensions), only legitimate absentee ballots (no mail-in voting), Voter ID, Signature matching, and having citizenship verified. Had these steps been implemented, Trump would have likely won the election handily.

2. ENACT LEGISLATION TO PROHIBIT CENSORSHIP – In particular, this means disbanding “Big Tech” companies who control social media and ban conservative talk.

3. WEED OUT THE RHINOs – No doubt, the GOP needs strong new leadership. To this end, he openly called out RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), such as Senators Romney, Sass, Collins, Murkowski, Toomey, and certain members of the House, particularly Rep. Liz Cheney. Trump plans on campaigning heavily for conservative Republicans, particularly in primaries, in order to eradicate RINOs from the party. To support this, he touted his endorsement record and how many candidates he helped elect to office.

Trump teased the crowd by saying, “I may decide to beat them (the Democrats) a third time,” and, “You haven’t seen anything yet,” both meaning it is likely he will run again, much to the chagrin of the Democrats and the RINOs who want to lead the party on a different path. In the end, the chances of Trump running for office again is likely as the CPAC attendees gave him an overwhelming 97% approval rating, making it clear he was their man. This was reinforced a couple of times during his speech by the attendees chanting, “We love you!,” a positive sign of the attendees’ support for the former president.

Trump’s numbers at CPAC mirrored the Suffolk University/USA TODAY Poll, mentioned earlier, where 55% of CPAC picked him in a straw poll to be their candidate for president.

By his presentation at CPAC, Trump made it clear he is still firmly in control of the GOP, but this time he is redefining the Republican culture to make sure everyone is pulling on the same oar, both on the campaign trail and, if elected, during his administration. This would be substantially different than his first term where he had to fight not only the Democrats, but the RHINO Congressional leadership, e.g., Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Trump’s message is clear, “Get on board the Trump train or get out of the GOP.”

So, will Trump be the candidate in 2024? Certainly. After all, who else has the strength and courage to confront the Washington Swamp? And if he is successful, he will cultivate a new generation of strong Republican leaders to succeed him.

Yes, he is most definitely a force to be reckoned with, as he strikes fear into the hearts of Democrats as well as RINOs. Needless to say, his clean-up America mantra has been wildly embraced by the Trump faithful and will likely play well with the American populace. Now it will be interesting to see how the RINOs and Democrats react.

Keep the Faith!

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